If you feel unsafe, or, threatened, please call 911.

Option, Inc.


Checklist:  What to take with you when you leave


  1. Driver's License
  2. Children's Birth Certificate
  3. Your Birth Certificate
  4. Social Security Card
  5. Other Forms of Identification

Financial Items

  1. Money or Credit Cards
  2. Bank Books
  3. Checkbooks


  1. House and Car Keys
  2. Toiletries
  3. Change of Clothes
  4. Pictures of you, your children, and your abuser
  5. Jewelry/Small Salable objects
  6. Address Book

Legal Papers

  1. Your Restraining Order
  2. Lease, Rental Agreement, or House Deed
  3. Car Registration and Insurance papers
  4. Health and Life Insurance papers
  5. School Records
  6. Work Permits, Green Card, Visa Passport
  7. Divorce and Custody Papers