If you feel unsafe, or, threatened, please call 911.

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Why Women Stay

  1. Economic dependence (no money or property ownership)
  2. Fear of greater physical danger to themselves and their children if they attempt to leave
  3. Fear of losing custody of children
  4. Lack of job skills
  5. Fear of Isolation
  6. Fear of the court process
  7. Cultural and religious constraints
  8. Fear of retaliation


  1. Fear of loneliness
  2. Guilt about failure of marriage
  3. Fear that mate is not able to serve alone
  4. Belief that mate will change
  5. Fear of making life changing decisions


  1. A violent mate is better than no mate at all
  2. Failure to maintain the marriage equal failure as a person
  3. Justify the behavior by blaming stress, alcohol/drugs, problems at work, unemployment, etc.
  4. The abuser rarely beat me, just once in a while.  During nonviolent phases mate may fulfill my dream of romantic love.